SEXING Rhode islan red

rhode island redsy

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9 Years
Mar 12, 2010
Rhode island red they are about 6,7 days. we have 5 of them but 4 of the 5 have 2 big feathers coming out past the other wing feathers (hard to explain) making the wing have diffrent size feathers but one is totaly different its wing feathers are all the same length. I read that females feather faster so does this mean that the one is a male


Crazy for Colors
10 Years
Oct 19, 2009
Forks, WA
To my experience, that doesn't tell if it is female or not. Usually it is because it is just a tad older or eats more (top of the pecking order) When it comes to the whole male/female feathering speed, I find that to be true in the tail, but not particularly anything else.

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