Sexing runner by voice


11 Years
Jun 7, 2008
Scappoose Oregon
I have 3 runner duckings that will be 5 wks old on Friday. One of them has always been bigger than the others and has stopped peeping like the others. Not quacking but a deeper almost mini goose honk sound. Drake?

She/he is the white one in the middle. Also is supposed to be white and tan, but is showing no sign of anything but white feathers. I can deal with her being a him, but I really didn't want an all white duck.

HHMM..The voise as you describe does make me tend towards saying female..But I can see a green tinge to the beak too- which could indicate male.. As far as the colour goes...dont give up yet- once they start molting more colour can show up in the feathers that regrow.
I have 6 4 week old runners as of yesterday. I have 1 that is trying to quack and nothing from the others yet. Mine are fawn color. So are they've gone from yellow, to white and now the brown is coming in. I did vent sex them last week. I think I have 5 female and 1 male. I found how to do it on the internet. I hope I'm right! I'm still waiting for the quacks but get peeping.

All of mine were suppose to be 2 days old when I bought them. At this age they are all different sizes. Two of them are really big. All there bills are pretty yellow.
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I have 10 runners and I cant tell...........They are 4 weeks old At first I throught I had 4 males and the rest are females 4 of them do this raspy thing and the rest just peep. I hope it four males and the rest are girls! I guess it does not really matther I am keeping them all..... I just rehomed my pekins so I could keep them.

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