Sexing two week old white leghorn chicks

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Aug 22, 2019
Hello everyone, i have two leghorn chicks which are just over two weeks old. This is my first hatch so i was looking to get some advice on how to sex them, i had a look at their feathers on day 1 and they appeared to be long short indicating that they are female. I have also checked with the seller of the eggs and they can be winged sexed. However, one of the chicks has grown slightly larger than the other and it also has a larger comb, does this mean it is a rooster? How much longer should i wait before i can be 100% certain? Thanks in advance for any advice on this!


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It won’t take long for a Leghorn to show you for sure if he’s a rooster. Probably a couple more weeks and you’ll know. Someone may be good enough to tell now but I don’t want to say either at at this point.

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