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I have 4 white chinese geese that are about 3 months old. As best as I can tell at this age, there are 2 males and 2 females. For the past month, one of my females has been having muscle spasms in her neck. The rest of her body doesn't vibrate like her neck does. I'm not overly concerned at this point because she seems to be completely healthy, but I haven't seen anything like it. She only does it when she comes up to me looking for "goodies" or the rest of them are wound up and trying to intimidate me, but of course it would be difficult for me to see this at a distance. Has anyone else ever seen this?
My Canada goose did this and I have seen the white chinese goose we currently have do it too. Some kind of communication thing__not sure if maybe it means they are excited or in anticipation of something?

My Canada goose used to do it coming up to me and also sometimes when approaching the dogs when she was thinking about attacking. She LOVED me so I do not think it is an agressive thing...

Maybe someone more experienced on the board can elaborate. I am interested in hearing on this too...

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Geese do that...... I am not sure exactly what it means and seems to have more than one meaning. It is comunication though.

Mine seem to do it more when they are being intense. Wanting something, but other geese are getting close type situations. Maybe a warning, but not being aggresive. ?? It would be interesting to know more what it means.
I notice my geese's necks shaking when they are excited or nervous only. It happens when a stranger comes in the pen and they are feeling a bit apprehensive, and it also happens when I (mom) am greeting them with their favorite greens to eat.
My Canada goose used to do it to me when she would come up to me (usually wanting to be pet or picked up).

Though on the other side of that, she would also do it to the cats that she hated and was jealous of when she approached them so who knows.

It definitely is some kind of distinct communication. I guess the question is WHAT are they communicating when they do this.


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