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Aug 11, 2009
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I have some Questions about Shamos. I have searched seveal sites and they had some good info however I still have some questions

Do shamos FLY ?
I know they can be rooster aggressive, am I better off to make sure they can not see another rooster also, solid walls part way up on the pen.
I plan on housing them in a Six foot tall covered dog kennel it has bird netting over the pen. any special consideration for housing perches ect ?
Greenfire farms had a chick special $129 for 12 chicks and 3 of the ones I got are Shamo

DH is thrilled to be raising dinosaurs
I am amusing that you are talking about Large Fowl Shamo.

As for flying I would say no.
Here is some information I found on Shamo off of Ultimate Fowl Wiki site.

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I have both Shamo and Aseel. Even the chicks can turn on each other. If the stags get out you could have a massacre on your hands. I do have other roos walk up to Shamo pens and there is lots of fists flying, I have now discouraged that with more fencing. Then pullets will also severely injure or hurt each other. Not a breed for the inexpereinced or faint of heart. Should be raised up the way you want to keep IMHO is just a hen and stag...or if youre lucky a trio. NEVER encourage them to be mean to people or you will really have a problem....they are might and muscle and can put a hurt on most anything. Flying is not an issue.
I also got
2 silver sussex
2 lemon cuckoo orps
2 wheaton marans
3 swedish flower hens
1 tolblunt
3 shamo

I'm very happy with the birds
They should label the mix "not for beginners" - Having Shamos AND Tolbunt Polish in the mix is going to throw the owner into a need for a lot of difference "special attention care" for the different breeds.

The Shamos you got are Wheaten or Barred Wheaten, so first I can say to you, look for excessive black in the wing feathers for boys.
Also, barred boys are a little tricky too, so if the bird feathers in at first to look like a blue wheaten, it is a barred boy. Trust me, I know Greenfire's parent Shamos.

As Chris09 quoted/said though. They won't turn on each other until they reach that age to realize they're male and can fight, though. I wouldn't worry until they're probably 4 months or older. But for now, try to keep them from needing to fly up high obstacles, perching on small or high perches, etc. They shouldn't be straining themselves too much, they've got a lot of bone and length in there that needs some room and lack of stress to grow.

Oh, and keep them out of the cold!!
Thanks for the advice
, We have had polish for 4 years so I'm not going in to the tolblunt thing totally blind. However, I have never had anything like a Shamo. I am looking forward to the challange but, I know I can count on my fellow bycers if I have questions.

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