Share Your Deviled Egg Recipes!-Look at the deviled eggs I made! PICS!


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Aug 19, 2008
This Friday, my class is having a little surprise party for my teacher, whom is pregnant and will be leaving in less than 5 weeks now to have her baby. So, I offered to bring deviled eggs!
I found a great website ( that has several good recipes and very easy-to-follow instructions. I think I'm going to make just the classic recipe (*NOTE: The recipe calls for white vinegar, and at the moment, I don't have any. But I do have apple cider vinegar. Could that work, and if not, could I still successfully make the filling without any of the white vinegar?)

Does anyone have any good deviled egg recipes that you would like to share? Please note that I'm a Vegetarian, so there's no reason to post recipes with meat, fish, (shrimp, caviar, etc.) in them...since I obviously don't have any of that on hand to make them and I wouldn't want to haha...Unless you think someone else might want to know about them?

Thanks and feel free to post pictures if you want as well!
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When I make mine I mix Mayonaise, a little mustard, and some Italian dressing. I don't measure out how much I just sort of wing it. Then once it's mixed I fill the egg white halves with the mixture and put a little season salt on top. (sometimes I add a little sweet relish in the mix) My kids love them.
I use Italian dressing in my potato salad too.
The 'recipe' I use is the typical mayo, yellow mustard, salt & pepper. I wing it as others describe. No vinegar, that sounds good but I've never tried it. After filling the whites, I sprinkle with paprika before serving.

But I was really posting to show you this photo (not mine, but I do the same thing). If you put the yolk mixture into an icing decorator with a large star tip, you get a lovely pattern when you fill the whites.:

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Thanks everyone! I'm also going to try using lemon juice, mayo, salt, and pepper. (like the recipe on a video says to use: I'm also going to mix it up a bit by adding jalapeno mustard, instead of plain mustard.
Not too much because I just want to give it a little extra spice.

Right now I just boiled 12 eggs, 3-4 of them busted open and the whites kinda came out a little (mostly because those ones that broke out were cracked when I got them home). But oh well. I had more than enough anyway and I might be able to salvage the broken ones.

Now they are setting in a bole of icy water, and I'm just about to take them out after they've been cooling in there for around 20 minutes. Peeling comes next!
UPDATE: The deviled eggs are done!!!
I ended up making 22 (one broke and I already tried one, so it would have been 24). I mixed up 1/4 cup mayo (added a bit afterwords to make it creamier), 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice, a couple drops of apple cider vinegar, some jalapeno mustard, salt, and pepper (from a grinder). I mixed it up, used the baggie method (took a normal ziplock baggie and cut off a small corner of it) to pipe the mixture into the white halves. Then, I added random pinches of pepper, italian seasoning ("Gourmet Collection", McCormick), Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy seasoning blend, and a tiny bit of Chipotle Chilly Pepper seasoning ("Gourmet Collection", McCormick). It gave it a tasty, salty, and spicy (but not too spicy) kick, with a tiny hint of sweetness from the lemon juice and mayo.
I'm not a big fan of boiled eggs (they are too plain for me), but these have lots of flavor and taste great! I can't wait to bring them to school tomorrow for a small party we are having!
And I'm happy of the results, especially for my first time making deviled eggs.

Pictures: (final result)

Set out neatly on a plate and ready to be wrapped up in plastic wrap and set in the fridge overnight:
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