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  1. nettie

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    Nov 20, 2008
    Chicago, IL
    The post about Chixie's nephew nearly slipping and the duck laughing at him has inspired me to make a new topic...

    Share your funny duck stories! (and/or pics!)

    If your ducks do something funny, or have been in a funny situation, or maybe just something that entertained you, go ahead and share it with us! or maybe you can share a story about your ducks that drove you crazy, but we'll find it entertaining (i seem to remember a story of someone chasing escaped baby ducklings through their front room with a net and a fly swatter, trying to get them out from behind an entertainment center, lol). Or maybe you'd like to share a cute heart warming story? We all love to read about silly things our ducks do... I know i have tons of them... and if you have more than one, go ahead and share them all! And of course, if you have pics post them!

    I'll start us off...

    When My ducky Ming Mei was a baby, i used to let her sit on my bed (diapered of course). One time while watching me fold clothes when she was about 3 weeks old, she kept walking closer and closer to the edge of the bed. I told her, "if you go close to the edge mingers, you are going to fall off the bed!" She did get too close and fell off, pinning herself between the bed frame and my nightstand. I immediately scooped her up and put her back on the bed and said, "I told you so!" to which she hid her head in embarrassment underneath a blanket and wouldn't come out when i called for her. That's when i realized ducks had a wider range of emotions then i ever thought... lol.

    MingMei is 2 weeks older than Victor, and when they were babies, I had to teach Ming not to pick on or bite Victor... After a few nights of scolding her, she stopped picking on him, but he soon learned he could harass her. He used to come up behind her and bite her on the butt, all while poor Ming Mei would look at me desperately, as if saying "SEE MOM! I'm not biting! I'm being a good girl! He won't leave me alone!"
    Here's a pic of her saying that-
  2. Princess Amri

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    Jul 16, 2009
    I was sitting in the backyard reading one day when a duckling came running over! It was pretty funny. We raised him (what else can you do when a duck decides to come into your life?) and when he was two months old, he flew away.
    QuackStar kissed me before he left though! I miss him!

    Oh, and he liked to blow bubbles in his bath water.
  3. nettie

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    Nov 20, 2008
    Chicago, IL
    I'll go ahead and tell another...

    When i got mingmei, i knew she was a girl...
    When i got Victor, i had a a weird vibe saying he was a boy...
    So i name him Victor... As he grew, he got bigger and bigger, and surpassed ming mei by at least a pound, topping in at 4.75lbs, which is huge for a runner! ming mei is only 3.5lbs...
    Victor also shows a great deal of dominance over ming mei, by standing on her head, or mounting her in the pool etc.
    Victor's quack was quite squeaky when compared to Ming's.
    He hadn't gotten a curly feather yet, but we thought it might come in at 4-5 months old maybe after a molt...

    But then one day in january of 09, (when he was 5 months old) while driving 14 hours to alabama from chicago, we stopped at a gas station in TN. The ducks were in the back seat diapered. Victor was being weird and was sliding around on his belly like a penguin before we stopped. I went to change their diapers and let them walk around outside for a bit when i got a huge surprise! Inside Victor's diaper was a little green tinted egg. Turns out my victor is a girl... lol But, we still call him a boy and haven't told him he's a girl... we don't want to hurt his feelings... so we just say he's a boy who lays eggs... lol

    here's Vic with his first eggs-
  4. cassie

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    Mar 19, 2009
    My father-in-law used to be a custodian at an elementary school. Night shift. One of the kindergarten teachers had quite a menagerie in her classroom. Among other creatures there was a pair of ducks. One day someone didn't shut the duck enclosure properly. Ducks being ducks discovered this quickly. They had a lot of fun. There was a bathroom in the classroom with nice low toilets for the kindergarteners. The ducks discovered them and had a fine time jumping in and out, splashing, and spreading water everywhere. And then there was the toilet paper dispenser. The ducks had a lot of fun pulling the little sheets of toilet paper out and then stomping them down in the water on the floor with their little flat feet. When FIL went to clean the room he was greeted by a memorable sight. Wet toilet paper, water, and duck poo was spread evenly all throughout the room. The ducks were very happy and they greeted him with enthusiasm. FIL wasn't. I never had the nerve to ask him how long it took him to clean the room that night. It was a very loooong time before he saw the humor in the situation and was able to laugh about it.
  5. priss

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    Sep 13, 2009
    Isle of Wight
    I was lying on my stomach in the garden the other day studying and Mr. Snoogles (call duck with white belly and dove grey head and back) decided to use me as a climbing frame. He jumped up on my legs and walked all the way up my back until he was perched on my shoulder like a little parrot. He then proceeded to look over my shoulder at the book I was reading lol.
    A few minutes later I felt two more duck feet climb up onto my legs and then fall off again. Rory. He's black and white and has just enough of a crest to make him fall off stuff a lot lool.
    We haven't had them long so every little step tamer they get is a huge celebration for me!!
    Also I sing to them when I put them to bed every night. After weeks of doing this, Rory has started to sing along too! Mr. Snoogles and Doogie squeak happily while I sing but Rory has started to do this little warbly thing. I'm pretty sure he's singing the nighty-night song!! lol
    They my little angels.

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