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  1. Share your hidden nests that you found! :D turkey, duck, goose. Whatever!
    2 winters ago, a hen kept getting out I guess, and that spring we found probably 2-3 dozen blue eggs!
    Also found a nest today. Found a single turkey egg on this little nest of hay. Left it to collect it later. Went back later. Saw 2 small duck eggs. Brushed away hay, saw some more eggs. Total nest pictured. If they're fertile, looks like our production red is gonna go broody soon (ironic, I know, lol) so I may have ducklings!! Yay! I did crack open the eggs, and 1 didn't have a bullseye, but one did. So well see how it works out.
    I also plan on finding my turkeys hidden nest, it's somewhere by the neighbors (they saw her once and their kid sprayed her with the hose, lol).
    Here's the collection. 2 turkey eggs, a definite pekin egg then duck eggs
    So, you got hidden nest pics? If so,show!

    Oh and the duck eggs are kinda dirty, will it hurt them if I take a wet rag and gently wipe off the dirt, the dry? I did it with one because it had some yolk, did I compromise the bacteria presentation level? Or? Thanks ! Never hatched ducks before :D I like ducklings. Lol
    Oh and is it ok if it's one of the hens first eggs? I'm just so happy, the hen is sitting in the nest box (11:30 PM here) and so far hasn't budged, very timid but isn't running out of the nest box, so I think if she's still in there tomorrow ill offer eggs
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    18 eggs!

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