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Apr 26, 2011
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Bear with me this is premature and hypithetical but i like getting information to build plans upon.

I am thinking to the future when I am living on my dads property...its 25 acres over half are farmable and relatively open. Its all situated ina very good growing climate for just about anything. We will be farming when we (husband and kids-provided they aren't all grown up.) Live there...chickens, other poultry (though there are tons of wild turkeys on the property) some mini cows and orchards, large scale gardens, hoop houses and some grains like sorghum and wheat every other year...

now getting to the point. When my family does live there my husband and I will be older and somewhat new to cows and some of the crops...we want to sell produce, honey and my ceramics and whatever else we produce in excess at the local farmers markets...every once in a while we would like to take a vacation. I think it would make sense to have someone or another family living in the extra house on the property to help out a little here and there and maybe pay a little rent... is that even something that's done anymore? We would need a farm hand...I cant depend on getting my kids do all the work if they're grown up and on their own or if they're in school or too young to do heavy stuff. We're thinking of moving in about 16-20 years...I know I am getting ahead of myself, i just have a 10 month old now and plan on having 2-3 more kids...

I know its a little early to be figuring stuff like this out. But I don't want to depend upon our elderly neighbors to milk a cow every day and do farm chores if we want to take a 2 week vacation. Plus when we have a mini milk cow, we 'll be getting more milk and dairy than we can use daily so splitting it all between families would make sense. Its a lot of land to work and a lot of work for just one family. How would I even find good people-trustworthy people who even know how to farm or want to do hard work... I'm thinking you just can't and we would need to hire someone and just rent out the house to pay his salary.

Has anyone who works a farm, even a small scale one, figured this out and found a good person, or family? I really want to pick your brains. Farming the property won't provide our only income and will be more of a hobby at first, but with my husband's family farming background and our knowledge from helping on our friends ranch I think we can make a little profit each year.
I don't see how your kids can't help you, it'd be good for them. Teach them responsibility and good work ethic (something today's youth are sorely lacking). It's hard to find people who are a.) competent enough around livestock especially various species in regards to their own safety, and the animals' health and well being. b.) are trustworthy to get the job done correctly. And c.) won't steal from you.

I will say that farmers usually don't have vacations, time off, sick days or holidays. It's not something I think you can do only half way.
perhaps you could contact your 4h extension agent and ask for a few names of some farm kids willing to make a few bucks to do this for you or perhaps they know of a family who is in need of assistance where a few bucks and some extra veggies and milk will help them alot financaily.

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