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    Aug 18, 2011
    I've just go to ask - do any of you feel that something you've just received on your 'little pocket computer' is so important that you just have to share it with strangers? Maybe I'm just really, really old fashioned. As much as I enjoy the fun stuff and the informational stuff that can be done on the Internet - and I admit that I have re-posted a few of the funny pictures from here on facebook - I can't imagine having some status update or cat video that is so important that I would stick it in a stranger's face and say "You're gonna love this." - but it happens to me a couple of times a week. Several times I've had truck drivers (I work in a scale house) stick their phones in the window instead of their paperwork so I can see something that they took a picture of. (Yes... that would be while they were driving 80,000lbs down the highway....). The Fedex guy regularly comes in with his phone pinned between his shoulder and his ear and then relays what the person on the other end is saying so I can enjoy it too....
    Have we become so 'connected' that it isn't conceivable that others just don't care about the funny bumper sticker we just saw? Is it beyond comprehension that just because we 'share' everything we see on facebook that there just might be people who do not 'share' our views on politics, sports teams, dirty jokes or anything else that crosses our minds?
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    Sheesh..someone peed in your cheerios
    Don't stress the small stupid's too short.
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    All of our electronic gadgets are cool, fun and awesome. But maybe our gadgets make us feel a little more in-the-know or more important than what we really are. My daughter and her husband had discussions about her disappearing into her I-phone, making him feel that their family time wasn't important to her. Welllll.......her I-phone broke. It took several weeks going through insurance to get another one. During this time she had severe I-phone-drug withdrawals. But she began to realize just how much time she really did spend on a stupid electronic gadget and how it took her away from her husband and daughter. Yes, she has a brand new I-phone now, but is not going to download all those marvelous apps to it. Because when you get right down to it, her family is better than any app, I-phone, or anything else. [​IMG]

    My personal pet peeve is people in public on their phones, yakking their heads off. I don't need to know the intimate details of their life. Shutup already. But my number one worst pet peeve is people yakking on their phones, all stuffed with self importance while being checked out at a store. Store checkers have to put up with a lot from the public and here is some stupid-head treating the checker like they are nothing. How rude. Sometimes I let the idiot know what I think about them and their conversation. I am immediately rewarded with a smile from the checker. If my phone rings while in line, I might answer, but tell the other person I will call them back. Store checkers are people too, they have lives and are trying to make a living and they ALL deserve common curtesy and respect. or anybody else serving the puplic. People! Shutup! Treat the other person waiting on you with respect.
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    Aug 18, 2011
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    I hate whe people do this as well, but even more I hate people texting while driving. I've reported people a few tmes at work for doing just that.I n my state it is illegal and I believe highly unacceptable, especially if the person is texting while driving with me in the passenger seat.

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    I worked in a restaurant and sadly it wasn't unusual to see 3 or more people at one table all texting like crazy instead of talking to each other. What happened to face-to-face chats?
    As for talking on phoned in public... It can be amusing at times. I had to use a public toilet recently. I popped into a booth and overheard the lady next to me talking very loud. At first I thought she may be talking to someone in the booth next one over, but then I realised she was talking on her phone... Had a very amusing minute listening to such-and-such's camping adventures, but when she got to "Dad, I'm on the toilet now, then I'm going to the butchery..." I struggled not to laugh. I hope she put the phone down long enough to wash her hands afterwards!

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