She does like me.


In the Brooder
Jan 26, 2015
Frederick Co, MD
This is our first time raising chickens . We bought 7 day old chicks , they are now 5 1/2 weeks old . There is one EE who is extremely shy , she is the last to take a treat out of our hand and sometimes she won't even do that .
Yesterday I had them outside for a while , then it was time to bring them in . My kids began carrying them one at a time into the house and only 2 were left including Iris the shy one and Hoot the most outgoing , they began chirping very loudly looking for their buddies . As I was trying to lure Hoot to me out of nowhere Iris flew up into my lap and then snuggled up against me .

She does like me !!
It was such a nice feeling that even though she is shy and skittish she knew where to come to feel safe .

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