She, He, or Too Early to Guess?


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5 Years
Jul 24, 2014
Jeannette, PA
Ah, beautiful chicken math.

Anyway, mum and I decided to hatch a few eggs from the girls a few months ago, which hatched August 24. Ever since this one little Australorp-EE Bantam cross hatched, s/he's been my little buddy. Now, at around 5ish weeks s/he's beginning to grow up- s/he is just about fully feathered and quite the big birdie. Even now s/he still likes to snuggle up under my chin and be petted. S/he doesn't "answer" the one rooster who's still at our house like the chick we strongly believe is a rooster (he's big with a reddish comb and forming wattles). S/he does, however, target and scuffle with that chick quite a bit, but that may just be a pecking order forming and s/he throwing his/her weight around. His/her comb is turning pink-red (the photos don't show it too well) which is worrying me a bit and is taking after the Australorp in size. S/he still seems like a hen to mum and I. Yikes, didn't mean to ramble so much, but I'd like to see what the experienced forum-goers would have to say.
(P.S. Please excuse my messy floor...)

I'm thinking boy but I'm no expert any ideas?

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