She just gobbled a rubber band!


May 28, 2014
My husband was doing some work outside last night and missed a piece of trash when cleaning up.
I was just sitting at the dining room window sipping coffee when I saw my Dorking rooster excitedly showing the girls a choice "morsel" he'd just found and they all came running to fight over it.
Next thing I know a hen is running around with a rubber band bouncing around in her beak with every step and playing keep away with the other hens! I rushed out and joined the chase barefoot through the yard but she was too quick for me. She gobbled it up at her next opportunity! It was a whole rubber band, on the thin side.
What would you do??? Vomit her? Give her an epsom salt flush? Will this go down the pipes normally? How on earth would it get past the crop?
Keep an eye on her but chances are she'll be fine. Their gizzard is amazingly efficient at grinding stuff up and breaking things down. I read a story of a rooster who was found eating a string of plastic beads, and by the time his owner managed to pull it out of him the beads were already starting to dissolve on the end that had been swallowed. :fl
Mine eat Styrofoam whenever they can find it, lol. It sometimes blows into the yard. They think it's right up there with mealworms! They've also proven rather adept at finding bits of garbage, from clay plant pot shards to plastic bag pieces, and are still alive!

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