She keeps flying out of the run

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  1. jmngrose

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    Mar 27, 2013
    Just like I said in my last thread. My oldest bird is 19 weeks now and I think she's getting ready to lay any day now. We've got a good routine down. Out of the hen house @9am. Out of the run to free range @3pm, in bed at dusk. (she;s a barred rock)

    Well my naughty little girl keeps flying either out of the run into the back yard, which isn't so bad. But when she fly's up on top of the hen house, than onto the fence that separates the back from the front yard, we get worried, SO WORRIED she will get out and get lost or worse, eaten by my neighbors.

    I know I should have a "roof" on my run. (THIS I TOLD MY HUSBAND WHEN WE FIRST DECIDED TO BE CHICKEN KEEPERS, but he wouldn't listen.) I did clip one of her wings. I'm plum out of ideas. Putting a roof on the run just is not in our budget right now, unfortunately.......

    I think she's in a nesting faze and just trying to find the best place to lay. Should I coop her up?

    So frustrated!!!!!! With Her and HIM for not building me what I wanted, or should I say with what I know they needed to always be safe.
  2. jetdog

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    Jun 18, 2013
    Try clipping the other wing and maybe give the other one a trim.

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