She wants to be broody but has a short attention span UPDATE

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    Mar 21, 2012
    Like chicken like owner maybe. Anyway, I have an almost 7mnth old BO (along with 3 Production Reds, 5 Black Ameraucanas and 1 EE). My BO wilma has been acting broody for a few days. She is irritable, puffs up like a turkey when you get near her and sits in the nest box. The puffing and fussing she is excelling at, the sitting not so much. The most she has been able to do is about 4-5 hrs. in the morning. I make sure she has eggs to sit on, because I would love for her to have some chicks- but her short attention span overides her hormones and off she goes. The eggs go cold while she's out doing chickeny things and forgets to return. She roosts at night, so I know she's just not into it.
    Should I just monitor her and wait to see if she catches on or is she too young and wait for several more months? I just re-homed my BO roo who had a bad attitude and I know time is ticking on those fertilized eggs in her oh so turkeyfied body.
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    Sounds like an incubator is the best solution for the eggs you have now. Many people don't consider them truly broody unless they stay on the nest for 24 to 48 hours, as roosting at night is a pretty good sign they aren't. She might even be spending some daylight hours on the nest for other reasons.
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    If she's not on the nest at night, she's not broody. She's probably thinking about it though - I had a hen do the same thing. It took her 3 months to finally go broody.
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    Mar 21, 2012
    Well wilma has been on her eggs for more than 24 hours. She is not roosting, eating, drinking or much of anything but acting like a grumpy turkey when disturbed. Of course her favorite box has to be the one closest to the pop door, so everytime someone goes in or checks in she growls and fluffs.
    I put some water near-by as well as some treats. We'll see if she has touched them in the a.m.
    So I guess it's Day 1 and counting. Go Wilma Go! [​IMG]

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