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Apr 29, 2012
I am planning on getting 20-25 hens and two roosters. I cant buy the expensive $1500 + coops, I also cant build a coop because I have no building skills. I was wanting to buy a 10ft x 8ft or 8ft x 6ft arrow steel shed and convert it to a coop, but I dont know if it i big enough for 20-25 hens. I am also wondering about how to put a door in it just for the chickens and an automatic door.
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Personally I wouldn't use a steel shed, maybe others have?

There are definitely sheds out there made of wood that are pretty cheap , I think lowes had one for about 500$. I have a 12 x 30 shed, am getting 10 large fowl, and have sectioned off 4 x 12 inside with a 12 x 20 run outside.

I'm sure someone will chime in with the sq ft needed per chicken, being, new, I forget what it was:)
Perhaps you could consider looking for someone to build for you. Or, maybe you could barter with a handy friend to build for you in exchange for something you could do for them; you supply the materials and something you & the builder determine is of equal value to their building the coop for you.

The steel shed would need to be modified to house a flock of chickens. You would need to allow for ventilation. Also, there is no available natural light source, i.e., window(s). Modifying steel buildings isn't a lot of fun; wood is so much friendlier to work with. Your goal is a building that isn't going to leak or be drafty, and one that will have a source of natural light & ventilation.

Floor space needs/ large fowl is 4 sq. feet/ bird. Think winter, when the birds may spend days on end inside. They need wiggle room. Your 10X8' shed could house 20 hens.

Edit PS - I missed the part about getting two roosters. Personally, I think one will suffice. Two will likely fight, wear the feathers off the hens' backs, and make everyone's lives unhappy.

good luck!
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I'm getting a used wood shed to make into a coop. I found it on Craig's List 8x10 for $100. Not a perfect shed and will need some work. I can't afford or build a fancy one either. Good luck finding your coop!
I sure hope it works for you! It's great that it already has windows! Looks like it's in good shape.
I see a low cost steel shed at lowes for $279.Might be that size one.It is doable,but you will be dealing with leaks so get some of that waterproofing duct tape,caulk,or roofing tar!. I use an old metal shed..I cut holes in the walls and taped plexi glass to them(duct tape) for light. I add bales of straw in the winter.It has a concrete floor that is slanted a wee bit to make hosing off the interior easier.Cut out a pop door and cover the metal with tape or wood.

The shed is good in a pinch.I have used mine for 3 years now.As for sizing I will let someone else figure that one out.Would be ok for sleeping,but not for winter time when they spend a lot of time hanging out in the coop. I have 7 in a 6x8 metal coop.Used to be 9.Do what you can,reduce numbers later if needed. I am buying wood weekly to built a new coop in my far back yard,but will still use the metal one as a winter coop or brooder later.

Watch craigs for deals.I have seen free sheds,but no way to transport.Same with pallets.

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