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13 Years
Mar 22, 2008
I am getting a 6x6x8 garden shed (heartland). It's in excellent condition and I was going to use it to store my tack. Would this be a good chicken coop. I know I would have to add windows, but when I went to look at it it was nice and warm inside.I have 12 chicks, 12 because I was advised to buy 2x what I wanted because half of them would probably die.They are all hale and hearty!!They will also have acess to 1 1/2 acres when I'm home and a 10x12 run when I'm not. Thanks for your help, I've learned alot on this board.
You might find your floor space a little tight, but you could add extra roost space and a platform or two to add to the area...I think you'll be fine outdoors but when they're all inside you may appreciate the added space especially when you're there with them...also, if you are using a droppings shelf under your roost you won't lose any floor space and the hens can move under it without getting dirty...
Question, I've got a lot of vertical space in the coop we are building. My plan was just to create a second level of all roosts. Is there an advantage to putting in platforms as well?

I was thinking roosts would be easier to clean than platforms. What's the advantage to platforms?

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