Sheesh. The "Wish I Coulds".


8 Years
Feb 23, 2011
Crossville, Tennessee
Wish I could see my girls.

They live right there and they want to see you. You're too busy running the roads and hanging out with drunks and druggies to give a real dang.

Wish I hadn't done drugs, but I am clean now, I swear!

Not many clean people still crash on strange people's couches when their kids are being raised by your dear, sick mother. Not to mention the Facebook friends you keep talking to. This is a small town, we all know those people.

I am so bored, I am not at home but am piled up on a couch that is no telling how many miles away from my young kids. I am updating Facebook constantly about how much I love my kids and miss them and want to be a good mom, but am bored and want to go party.

Oh please.

I want to post all this stuff but God forbid you say anything. That would be bad and mean and would make me upset!

Keep living in denial, I am dooooone with you! For all the opportunities this woman has had laid at her feet, she stomped them all and chose to keep doing her garbage. Some people shouldn't be allowed to breed.

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