Shelf Life of Duck Eggs?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Bananarose24, Feb 25, 2011.

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    What is the shelf life of Duck Eggs?
    We have Muscovies..

    How long can they sit out in the open? And how long in a fridge?

    Also, I've been reading posts.. and have seen some interesting things to be careful of when eating duck eggs (we have yet to eat one, but, have 2 in the fridge!).. Not to eat raw (after baking, and licking the bowl is a No no apparently).. and that the best ways to cook them are to put in a dish, or scrambled..

    Anything else I should know before we eat these eggs? We have Never had Duck eggs before and are Super Excited about trying them!!!
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    when I have had an overflow of eggs, they sometimes are left on the counter for a few days until there's room or someone needs them(family usually). I have eaten them after being out for a few days and they were fine, I always float check the eggs though too.

    They are too rich for my stomach but my brother Loves them... I cooked them for breakfast at my fathers one weekend and made my brothers "over easy" so the yolk was still pretty dang soft... I watched him put the whole yolk in his mouth [​IMG] He eats like he's got 2 hallow legs though, i don't think anythings ever upset his stomach, lol.

    Muscovy egg shells are pretty thick/hard. They are really good for baking, that's what i use them for... but they're best for hatching [​IMG]
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    They are great for french toast. We hatch ducks in an incubator in my classroom. I brought duck eggs in and made french toast for my students. They all had seconds.
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    I treat them no different than my chicken eggs.
  5. TLWR

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    Dogs and DH have had them scrambled. We make egg sandwiches with them, just break the yolk, but it never really spreads, so it is not quite over easy, but the yolk isn't fully cooked either, french toast. And we've (or I have anyway) baked with them and given a bunch away.

    The ones approaching 3-4 weeks get cooked for the dogs.
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