shell less egg?


Artful Wings
14 Years
Mar 1, 2009
Muskogee OK
my remaining BA Tick was hanging back from the others today, what the heck is she trying to lay? is it an unformed egg? she is in a cage till i figure this one out?

That's very strange... certainly not like any shellless egg I've seen. Does she do it in her nest or is it just a poo?
It's a poo then. I've never seen anything like it... there doesn't seem to be anything on it on the internet either. Did it just happen once? Is she fine otherwise?
It looks like something she ate that either didn't digest or was partially digested. If it is a one time occurrence, I wouldn't worry about it. Parole that hen!
I've had shell less eggs and they look just like eggs without strong shells, but membranes instead. This picture doesn't resemble that at all.

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