Shellless egg and an egg w/ no membrane OR shell!!

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    Mar 11, 2011
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    My girls are 24 weeks old come Monday. I have two Rhodies and one Rock who began laying between 20 and 22 weeks. Tonight we went to the coop to lock up and check on them and we found a shellless egg on the floor of the coop and another egg lying in the sand like someone had cracked an egg there but there was no shell or even a membrane like a shellless egg. I know it is not from the girls who have been laying because they all laid today and their shells were perfect as they have been since their first egg. I know shellless eggs can occur when they first start laying and their system is working out the egg-laying bugs so that is no big. I was shocked however to see the other egg lying there with no shell or membrane around at all. In fact they were on their roost and the yolk wasn't even broken!

    I am wondering if they can squirt out an egg with no membrane or shell? Or is it possible that the membrane broke in the egg canal and the egg came out but the membrane did not?
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