Shepherdsville, KY: IDNO new home for dogs please!!


11 Years
Aug 20, 2008
Shepherdsville, KY
I desparately need to get rid of at least 3 if not 4 dogs.

All are very loving mix breeds but need to be restricted due to them loving chicken. And I'm sure you understand the LOVING part... This morining they killed 6 of my chickens.... I'm sooo distraught...

We just put the chickens outside about two months ago because they had gotten too big for the indoor cages...

I can't believe my doggy babies killed them....

Zeus - Male 1.5 y/o UTD shots black lab/aust shep neut

Athena - Female 1.5 y/o UTD shots tan/mix aust shep/lab spay

Duchess - Female 2 y/o UTD shots tan german shep/?? spay

Not sure about this one but ....

Minerva - Female 1 y/o UTD shots tan german shep/?? spay

If you know of a non-chicken person that would be great....

or if you have an enclosure that they can't get to the chickens.


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