She's Crowing?!

Wow, that is pretty weird. Is she #1 in the pecking order? I have read that sometimes the top hen in an all female flock will start crowing and even grow some little spurs.
I have had a crowing female hen. We had to return her to the farm. She was a mean one, too, adn most DEFINITALLY a hen. She was full grown, and laying eggs .
That is hilarious.
I have had a crowing hen before, but I never could catch her on video. What breed is Sparkle? She sounds like a bantam rooster crowing.
I use to have a White Crested Blue Polish hen that crowed. She sounded like a young rooster crowing, I sold her this summer. I warned the lady that bought her, that she crowed.
She's a bantam Old English. She comes into my office with me on cold or wet days, and just sits at my desk. Never causes trouble; Alwaysa wants lovin'. .. Is there something i should do?

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