She's growing up so fast! Pictures! :)


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Aug 19, 2008
Wow. I can't believe how fast my little spoiled baby chick, Ivory, is growing up. Today she is.....exactly 32 days old. Just about a month old already!
She has feathers growing out everywhere and I've noticed her high-pitched peeping once in a great while becomes deeper. Tonight while she is eating, she keeps making lower whistle/cheep noises, which just started happening a few days ago. I'm going to be sad when she loses her baby peeping voice completely.
And all her downy fuzz is going to go away. Although on the bright side, I can't wait to see what color she is going to be! I'm guessing she's going to be a Lemon Blue color...Right now, her face has a golden "mask" and her body is gray colored. But her new feathers that she has so far on her wings are a mix of gray/golden. She's a Splash Cochin/Buff Orpington mix, and the only chick that hatched from a test hatch (there were 3 eggs, 2 were early quitters). Now she lives in her own brooder box (except she shares it with her mirror and a small, white teddy bear...which really isn't too white anymore because she likes to sit on it and baby chicks tend to poop a lot.
) and she sleeps in my bedroom. I say goodnight to her every night and she's the first thing I see in the morning...mostly because he wakes me up with her peeping.
The bad thing is that if she's a rooster, I can't keep her. So far she looks like a pullet to me, but I'm not sure. It would really stink to have to sell her because I feel like I'm her mother hen (which she thinks I am) because I talk to her and play with her and care for her everyday and she likes to follow me around.

But anyway, it's amazing how fast they grow up...yet it takes forever for them to lay their first egg!

Here are some fairly recent pictures of her: (2-3 weeks old)


Feel free to share your own stories about your babies that are growing up! And feel free to post pictures of them!
They look so funny when they have feathered wings yet the rest of their body is all downy fluff feathers.
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Mrs. Fluffy Puffy :

I know they need to stay tiny and cute forever!!! ( I'm not saying adult chickens aren't cute! )

I wish! But yes, they are still cute as adults, too.

Anyone have any chicks who are starting to grow up????? If so, please feel free to post pictures and/or a story!

Today I noticed Ivory has even more feathers growing in! I literally think that she is growing them overnight and while I'm gone because when I check on her everyday after I go somewhere, she seems to have more feathers growing!!!
Aww, what a sweetie...My 7 are a week and a half old. They are just darling. Only 4 are named:

Noir, my only pure chick, is a golden-laced Wyandotte. Nigel, the first to hatch, is white Plymouth Rock/EE. Nigel is all white (no muffs:() with a black spot on his back. Kevin is the same mix(diff hen) , but is gray and has muffs! Kevin did not come out of a blue egg, however, unlike Nigel.
Numba Seven (yes that is his name) was the last to hatch, and is the same mix(diff hen) as Nigel and Kevin. He came from a blue egg, and is gray and has muffs like Kevin. There is a very large golden-laced Wyandotte/buff Plymouth Rock cross who is very pretty. He has brown barring on buff feathers. There is also a GLW/partridge Rock who has gold 'partridging' on brown feathers. And finally, there is a GLW/barred Rock who I am very interested to see feather out. Right now he looks like a pure barred Rock, except with a rose comb. Oh, and all the chicks with GLW roo have rose combs and the EEs have I THINK

Sorry for rambling, I was just waiting for the excuse to tell the world about my chickies!!!
They do grow up really fast, especially when you have to build a coop for them before they get too big!

I love her coloring, it will be very interesting to see what she looks like when she is full grown!
I do too! I think she's going to be similar to a lemon blue color...or like a lemon gray??? But her wing feathers are gray with gold specks and her chest feathers (of the ones that are just growing out) look like a lighter gold color. Her golden mask will be interesting, too!

Red&Yellow-I love all your chick's names!
I'm in French class and "Noir" means black...does that have something to do with Noir, your golden-laced Wyandotte?
77horses, yes you are right! Noir is named because she was the first black chick after two very yellow chicks. I was just so surprised that such dark bird could come out of a shell!!! So, her name is Noir (I am a quarter French
)....oh, and her mother is named Yellow and her father, Red (hehe, my name) so I thought I would go along with the color theme. Here she is, just after hatch. The chick in the corner is the GLW/buff Rock.

Here she is now:

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