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Ok My girls shown in photo are LOST in California...they were sent...Priority Mail me in Ky...but never left California or they don't know if they did
Scheduled Delivery Day:
September 25, 2013, 12:00 pm
Money Back Guarantee ...No one can find them

..all known tracking shows they were last scanned in SANTA CLARITA, CA at a Sorting warehouse...I am really SAD and worried they might be dead...all the correct information was/is on shipping box...including in big permanent marker my name and home phone number...Yes I am venting...It is just SOOOO messed up its 1 thing to lose a non living package...but these are I HOPE still alive....
I did buy extra insurance on top of the 100 with that package...I dont even care as long as the girls are hopefully alive and well...I am freaking about those thoughts oh...and they are to deliver to the post office with a call for me to pick up....i have had several shipments in past 9 months...up until past not 1 loss of egg 1 chick out of 20 died ...extras were included...I know its something in the po system in Cali...not here...

They are beautiful, I hope you find them safe and well. I have no information on how your po system works, I'm from Ireland and we're a few steps behind ye yet . I would not drop it though, I would poke around until I find every one involved in the transport and get some answers. Just keep plaguing everyone and anyone in the offices until you get information. All my luck on getting your girls home safely.
Scary about your girls, hope they are OK. Were they shipped on Monday with a scheduled delivery date of Wednesday? Have you gotten anywhere with phone calls to the sorting center?
I have talked to everyone from here in Ky to Cali that might be able to track or find one has been able to get past the last time they were scanned...and thats in...Santa Clarita...yes to the scheduled was yesterday 9-25-2013 at 12:00 pm..
Customer relations...the Po there...and a couple warehouse/sorting center... employees at last known place...can not find them...I have been on the phone all day...Im just so upset...I am MAD that someone does not Care that 2 little lives are lost in a box with prob no food now and water...fruit was shipped in box...but Im guessing that is gone...sooo...I am just so mad at the (who) was careless (or not) about them
and then the what if someone decided for what ever reason...they wanted them...or the what if...someone made a mistake and they got ...killed...too many variables every large scale operation mistakes are made ...I get that...but's that what if...that keeps me in hope too that by some very slim chance...they are ok...i just dont know...messing my head up thinking about it....sorry for the crazy vent rambling
i figured this was the best place...with others who at least have and love chickens
I can breath sweet girls are finally here I picked them up at PO sorting room...Starving and thirsty but alive ..Tricia (Feathers On The Ground) They are beautiful...I credit you more than anyone they are alive and well because of the obvious healthy state they are in even after being lost in mail...Thank you So So Much...

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