shipped chicks look like heck!

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I got 7 cochin chicks via USPS. 2 were DOA. They are a few weeks old. The survivors were all banged up- crumpled feathers, poop everywhere- they're still traumatized a week later. Will they ever start looking better? Can I "wash"them?

I gave one a little haircut- as her head was still downy, and caked with gunk and bald spots. She looks good. But the others that already have tail feathers look so pathetic.
oh man.... where did they ship from?? Sorry for that, that's awful.... but yes, I think they will get better... All chicks at that age are funny looking anyway when all their feathers are coming in... they'll get better looking with age, especially after their adult molt. However, I would take a wet warm washcloth and give them a wipe down
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They'll look better soon, their mature feathers will begin coming in.

Yes, you can wash them if you blow dry and keep them warm and indoors until they are totally dry. Any damp is not good if they're to go to the outside at all.

Treats and time and they'll be fine. Sorry you lost two. That's always difficult.

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