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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Renee97038, Sep 10, 2014.

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    Ok, my shipped Ameraucana eggs are on day 20 and one cute little blue one hatched today. Out of 25 eggs only 3 made it to lockdown. The 2 remaining show no sign of pipping. They all had saddle air cells but I saw live movement on these last 2 at lockdown so I took BYC advice and have the eggs in an egg carton for hatching, pointy end down. My question is if these remaining 2 don't hatch or pip after 24 hours should I just take the one live one out to a broody? And cut my losses or leave the one live one in there for more than 24 hours to wait and see?
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    Jul 14, 2014
    Hatching has a 'general' time of 21 days and they can be early or late bloomers...The Learning Center can definitely give you a very good idea of what to expect during this 'stressful' time. Worth checking out while you await the others to introduce themselves.
    As long as your hatched chick isn't showing any signs of distress that needs immediate attention then the yolk that s/he absorbed during the hatching process can last up to three days for nutritional need.
    This is just my personal opinion...because s/he is an only 'child' at the moment and they say to stay out of the bator as a 'best' practice, added to the fact that a chick peeping around the bator would theoretically 'push' the others to keep trying, I would leave the new chick in there...I also wouldn't want to unnecessarily stress the newbie by leaving them alone in a brooder, unless absolutely necessary.
    Hope I am making sense! Lack of sleep over my own new batch of babies is catching up with me!
    Will want other 'seasoned' BYC'ers to reply and see if you get a common thread of advice.
    Best wishes for all....
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    Just a general warning that I just had a batch of shipped eggs that I put into an egg carton for lock down and two of them were upside down in their eggs (tried to hatch from small end). So, putting them in the egg carton may have been what killed one of them. The other I luckily noticed had pipped that end in time for me to lay it on the side for hatch. I did have to help her out of the egg eventually though since she didn't have room to turn and pip around the egg the rest of the way herself. Anyway, so I'd just keep a close eye to be sure none are pipping on the small end where you can't see from the egg carton. Apparently it's more common for "breech" babies in shipped eggs.
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    One more egg is pipped this morning. After this new one is fluffy I will take those chicks out and check the remaining egg to be sure it isn't pipping from the bottom in the egg carton. These first 2 pipped near the top of the side.

    Orca5094, I did candle the eggs before lockdown and saw that all the air cells were near the top, but also saddle shaped. Past BYCers noted to put the saddle air cells upright in a carton for hatch, so it's a chance that one may die from the position.

    It's torture to wait to take the early hatched chick out. She looks fine though and not distressed so thanks HugHess for the confirming statement to leave the chick in there for company.

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