shipping eggs damage small/banty eggs vs standard eggs


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Has anyone else noticed that the smaller banty eggs have a bigger tendancy to crack, leak, break, or be smooshed during shipping? I have recently gotten some shipped eggs from a few different sellers. All were packaged great in bubble wrap. One was even bubble wrapped and then packed in a whole nother box inside the box. My standard eggs were in great shape - not a single one damaged. But, the banty eggs I ordered suffered even with extremely good packaging A couple were cracked - bad enough to be leaking and unusable - and a few were smooshed. NOT the sellers fault at all. I knew I was taking a risk with shipping eggs through the USPS; it just seems like the smaller eggs have a harder time with shipping. More air cells detached and bubbles through the eggs etc as well. With the great packaging only a few were dislodged on my standard eggs. Anyone else notice this with their shipped eggs - or is it just me???
I think it all depends on how the package is handled. I have silkie eggs that didn't develop at all, none cracked, but the eggs didn't look right when I candled them after delivery. Also had banty eggs that were fine and all hatched.

I have had more LF eggs show up cracked, smooshed, trashed than the banty eggs. I have had better luck with the smaller eggs
I've had eggs come from the same state and one shipment had lots of loose air cell but no breakage. The other no loose air cells but one had a crack. I've also had whole shipments that were scrambled, and others perfect. I think it depends on 3 things: age of eggs at ship time(huge one, older eggs damage easier), the distance it has to travel, and packing. The best way I have received eggs was each bubble wrapped individually, and set in a box of peanuts and enough peanuts that they don't move.
I only had 1 banty hatch out of 16 shipped eggs (about 350 miles) one was cracked, the rest looked as if they were scrambled. I put 5 of my banty eggs in with the shipped eggs and they all hatched. I think they are treated rough by the USPS.
I get more reports of my LF eggs being damaged upon arrival than I do from my bantam eggs. I can't remember when the last time was that someone told me some bantam eggs arrived broken? Most people that have gotten bantam cochins from me have gotten 80% or better hatches from them

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