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Hi there. Not sure if this is the best place for my question but it seemed like the best place. I am going to be visiting family in Germany in June and they wanted me to bring some fertile peacock eggs with me. Now with all that has been happening with people trying to blow up planes and things. I was wondering if they would allow me to bring them on as carry-on or not. Last march I brought a dozen eggs back with me from Germany to the US and had no problems. They saw them in x-ray and actually just laughed saying yep thats 12 eggs. Does anyone know if it is possible to send fertile eggs in the mail overseas and still have them hatch? I don't want to buy them and bring them with me to the airport and then just have them thrown out. Thanks for reading this. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
I think you would have to find out what customs in Germany has to say about this as well as the airline you are traveling on. Be very careful and make sure it's okay before you do it.

What kind of eggs did you bring back from Germany?
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I brought back some eggs that were gifted to me by my moms uncle he said they are one of the earliest breeds of chickens or somethiing.

I am curious. (sorry I can't answer your question)

You got through customs with eggs that still hatched!?! I have my mother's side of the family in Germany and have always thought it was impossible. There are breeds I want very badly from over there. You just put them in your carry-on? Please let me know!!!
I'm pretty sure they wouldnt mind you exporting stuff as long as it's safe but importing it into Europe may be another story!
I know in the UK you probably wouldn't be allowed to bring in eggs because they are an "Animal foodstuff" and they are very strict on things like that. Even if they are intended for hatching I doub't they would allow it as their next worry would be "well what diseases could you bringing into the country with said egg." Quarantine doesnt really work on eggs does it?! You might be better looking into importing an actual bird but that can get expensive with blood tests and things.
I know the rest of Europe is pretty tough on stuff like this as well.... Very concerned about diseases in food, especially after all the CJD scare and things.

Like everyone said you would have to look into it properly and if they do allow it i can see a fair bit of paperwork or vet certificates involved
Europe can be pretty tricky with importing stuff.

As for the eggs and and x-ray you might get lucky and have healthy birds hatch like you did but x-rays can do all sorts of nasty things to living cells... like mutations and deformaties, I wouldn't want to risk it!! Somewhere I read said eggs don't cope well with the pressure changes in the cabin either.

Good luck with it though.

That was very illegal. Don't be surprised if the US Department of Agriculture comes knocking on your door now since you have publically announced this.

There are very strict importation laws that must be followed and there are steep fines.

There is a thread on here that was recently posted that has all the requirements on it.
I found this on the internet- it is the Fed Ex site:

The following is a listing of commodities restricted (need approval licenses) for entry into Germany:

Used Agricultural Machinery
Animals, Birds and other Livestock
Animal carcasses or products
Animal pathogens and rabies virus
Bees and honey
Citizen band radios
Cordless telephones (operating on frequencies greater than 853 MHz)
Cream and related products
Eggs; birds and other
Embryos; animal, birds and other
Fish and Fish products
Flours and meal of animal origin
Hair and Wool
Hay and Straw
Hops and Hop products
Certain Products subject to 'Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITIES)
Ova (Animal only)
Ozone depleting substances
Plant pests; bacteria, fungi, virus and cultures deemed destructive to agriculture and plants
Plants; live plants, cuttings and including seeds for same
Whale products
Wood; still having bark (unprocessed)
Video senders; equipment capable of transmitting video images
Animal Feed
Hops and Hops products
Asbestos and asbestos products
The importation of food products containing meat or milk products for personal consumption is prohibited unless accompanied by the necessary documentation from the official veterinary services of the country of origin. Infant milk, food and special foods required for medical reasons can be imported under the condition that these products do not require refrigeration before opening, that they are packaged proprietary brand products for direct sale to the final consumer, and that the packaging is unbroken.

The following is a listing of commodities not acceptable for carriage via FedEx International Priority (IP) service into Germany: (However, you may be able to use another FedEx service for shipping these items. For additional shipping options, please contact your local FedEx customer service representative)

Non-Perishable Foods (except candy and chocolates)
Explosives- 1.3 and 1.4S Excluding UN0349, UN0384, UN0481

I know of a friend that brought eggs over from UK to US a couple years ago and the xrays didn't bother the eggs. All he had was the paperwork from the UK vet, that was all.

Rose Isgrigg was one of those people that imported Faverolle eggs a few years (less than five if I can remember right). Out of the doz she hatched, only one survived. She went thru all the paperwork, red tapes, carried the eggs onboard, kept it from being xrayed, etc. and it costed her a pretty penny!

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