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Hello ,

I am new here and still learning the site so if I post this in the wrong thread I'm sorry and I ask that you point me in the right direction.

Now on to my question for you all :

I have come in contact with a person that is down sizing their flock and she has offered me free birds if I pay shipping (ranging from chicks to two years) I am leaning to some that are already laying. Keeping that in mind how and or who would ship them and where can I find a cost scale ? They will not be going too far just through one boarder state. I would really like to help this person re home and down size like she wants and I see this as a win /win for both of us.

Any input would be great as I have never dealt with birds other than the ones i get from the feed store here.

Thanks in advance

I would be very leary of this, unless you know the person -- or unless the firds arrive before you pay.
I too, would recommend getting birds from closer to home. And personally examining your birds before you get them. Lots of diseases and parasites out there. Not everyone takes real good care of their birds.

Mrs K
I wouldn't. More than likely they will never send the chickens, even if they do there is no saying what condition they will be in.
Don't quote me, but I think it costs something like $40+ to ship a bird?

Okay, went and looked at McMurray's site, they charge $75 to ship a started pullet! I knew shipping birds was expensive, but I didn't realize it was that much. Plus, you have health certificates, etc you need to be in compliance with. I can find birds lots closer to home, for cheaper than that. Plus, shipping is pretty stressful on the birds, why put them through that?
wow that is a lot to ship , I was trying to help a person i have known on social media down size her flock due to family issues to help her , hubby and the birds out . health of the birds (as in how they are cared for by her and the family) was never a concern as i see how well they are treated, spoiled and bragged on. but the shipping costs and stress of the birds are a concern for me .

you are right why put them through that

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