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    Jan 12, 2008
    I often hear about people receiving cracked or broken eggs.[​IMG]
    Last year, I shipped about 36 dozen pheasant eggs all over the US with NONE cracked or broken.[​IMG]
    I just wanted to share my method with everyone so that we can cut back on angry customers who recieve a box of scrambled eggs.
    First, Get some old chicken egg cartons. (large is best) Put a layer of planer wood shavings in the bottom of each pocket. If you don't have planer shavings, Hamster bedding works well too. Second, Center an egg in each of the pockets. Third, Cover the top of the eggs with more shavings. Make sure that there is enough shavings on top to make it sort of hard to close the lid. When the carton is closed, you should be able to shake it without the eggs moving around. This is the most critical part. Fourth, wrap the carton in plastic wrap to keep the shavings from leaking out during shipment.
    Put your wrapped cartons in a box slightly larger than the cartons and pack what ever you have to keep the cartons from moving around in the box. I actually sent three dozen eggs in a priority mail box more than once with no problems.
    This method has worked well for me but still open for suggestions to make it better.
    I hope that this helps you if you ship eggs. I always love to hear the praises from happy customers.
    Tell your shipper to use this method also if you want your eggs to arrive safe.[​IMG]
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    Guys this is how we ship eggs IT DOSE WORK.I learned from Kartking.

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