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    I have many requests from people wanting me to ship chickens however I have never shipped any and have no clue except for the lil info I got from the post office..

    Heres what I know;
    I have to have special boxes
    I have to have the post office to get it approved for me to send them out.
    They have no idea how much the shipping charges will be until I bring the birds in the boxes to them.

    I need to know the best place to get the boxes?
    and any other info that will help. Also For example for the more experienced shippers I live in Virginia whats a good estimate on shipping 1 pair of bantams to Texas????

    Help Kinda clueless!!!
  2. Poohbear

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    Nov 12, 2008
    You can go to "" to purchase shipping boxes. When you get your box or boxes, follow the instructions on the box to assemble them. Be sure and have the bio-safety covering over the holes on the inside (bio-safty material can be bought with the box) and tape the box with mailing tape surely. Call or visit your local post office for where and when to ship. They will tell you which post office will accept live fowl and you can contact that post office for shipping times that are acceptable. Put some bedding (hay or grass) in the bottom of your box and also a peeled apple for liquid and nourishment in case the box is delayed. Shipping MUST be done with "Express Mail" for live birds. 1 to 3 day delivery depending on the location. Cost will be around 40.00 dollars. Check with your local post office for details. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks...Luckily the post office that accepts them in this area is 5 mins from my house so thats a plus!... One more thing does the post office include some kind of insurance on the chickens??
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    Because you'll be shipping Express Overnight, you'll have insurance.

    I get shipping boxes here-
    Price Chart
    Boxes are expensive, but you can tack this on to the shipping charge. Also, you'll sell birds at higher prices b/c you can tap into a much larger market.

    Here's an added suggestion- I wire a small plastic container (like an empty single serve applesauce or jello cup) inside the box and fill it with a dense Jello made from electrolytes instead of plain water (like Pedialyte- or you can get water soluable powdered electrolytes at a feed supply). I also put electrolytes in the water supply for the 2 days before shipping. I also toss in apple wedges, like Poohbear mentions.

    Once a roo of mine actually got lost (no idea how that could happen but it did) and was delayed two nights and three days. (!) I owe it to the electrolytes that not only was he still alive but totally fine when he finally arrived. [​IMG]
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    Quote:I was wondering about this as well...thanks for all the great info...I love BYC!
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    I am going to do the electrolyte jello from now on. Never thought of that. Brilliant!
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    Mine would probably eat the jello in the first ten minutes!
    Little piggies! [​IMG]
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