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    May 2, 2016
    Hello, I am searching for the best option for chicken shipping boxes. Any suggestions are appreciated but most importantly I am wondering if there is a small box ideal for shipping a dozen or even 6 chicks. I have found them that hold 25 and obviously less will fit but I know when I buy from welp they have a 25 minimum because they say they need each other's body heat to survive shipping. If I did 6-12 would they be OK? Would I need to add a heat pack? What are the temperature Windows you all will ship in and when is extra heat needed? Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Follow the suggestions from the hatchery----they have been doing it a long time. If they put 6 chicks in a chicken box designed for 25----the chicks get slung from one side the box to the other the whole time its in shipment. 6 dozen would put 25 in 2 sections and 22 in the 3rd section, but they will probably thrown in a couple extra any way---so they will ship good. 25 chicks together can stand some low temps so you will be good this time of the year.
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