Shipping waterers

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  1. Up for your consideration are shipping waterers that I designed to be used in shipping live birds. They hold 2 ounces of water and are attached to the side of the shipping box with a zip tie.

    Included with the waterer is a zip tie and a small piece of rubberized material to wrap around the waterer prior to securing the zip tie. This will assure that it stays snug against the box during transport. They are completely refillable and reusuable.

    You could easily add more than one in a box.

    New USPS rules for Express Mail allows 3 days for "lives" to be delivered. This is certainly a concern for those of us who ship and receive live birds. I am not making money on these...just covering actual costs and hoping to save a few birds along the way.

    I have a total of 45 of these available at the price of $2.00 each.

    Instead of hitting "buy it now", please PM me with how many you would like and send paypal payment (shipping is $5.00 for any number of waterers) to [email protected].

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