should I add ducks to my flock?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by homegrownchix, Dec 2, 2013.

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    So I've only got two chickens, but I've got space for about a dozen. Not looking to add pullets at this time, since my hen is a bit aggressive. Thinking about adoptiong some ducks, since I've heard they are a good layers and fun to have around. I have small children though, and want to know how aggressive ducks can be (specifically the Welsh Harlequin breed),and why does everyone say they are so messy? Will they go in the coop at night relatively easily? Also, will a rooster and a Drake compete with each other like two roosters will?
    Thanks - any input is appreciated!
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    I think the messy reputation is due to the fact that ducks are waterfowl, and they need water for swimming as well as drinking. And they drink quite a bit, which makes their feces watery. That in turn wets bedding, and if one does not have a system for water management, it can get odoriferous. Is that a word?

    I love, love, love my ducks. We have runners and buffs. They do not bite. They are sweet and friendly, and a few of them are a little shy. But no one is aggressive. The worst I have seen is a little brief sumo wrestling to get a point across.

    Here is what I use in the night pen and this works great.


    Ducklings have their own special needs, so if you want to skip that adventure you could adopt older ducks. There are rescue groups around. That is where we got our sweet buffies.


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    The potential for ducks to be nasty is just like chickens, some breeds are more friendly others not, raised right most are just fine. Drakes(male ducks) you gotta watch, i have kids but mine aren't little there all teens. so are well versed in proper handling.

    Ducks are messy, they as Amiga said are waterfowl, they adore mud, MUST have water to eat and dip their beaks into(cleaning the nares) and an occasional bath is important, you know how chickens dig? well ducks make mud and drill holes lol

    They don't go to roost up(or flop like our silkies) like chickens, ducks vary in their desire to be in housing mine have all been taught too that doesn't mean it always goes as planned, i get the odd decenter but usually resolve it as i teach all ducks to herd, but they are not in the coops like chickens, i have managed to get mine trained to return to the penned area surrounding their barn at dusk but after that i herd into the coop and barn.

    A drake and a rooster, hard to say? our roos are nowhere near my drakes.. i mainly keep scovies they would clean the clock of a silkie roo.. roos are bold though, so are drakes hard to say, definitely male hormones get going so would require close watching.

    I am more duck than chicken here.. the chickens are closing in lol but i focus mainly on the ducks, so my set up is all about them... only my standard chickens free range(all hens) they hold their own with the scovies though, my drakes have never once touched a chicken BUT the risk of a drake trying to mate a chicken is a real possibility an another thing to watch for.
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