Should I add hatching eggs to a month long broody hen?


Oct 28, 2018
Pagosa Springs, CO
This Thursday past, I purchased an intact laying flock of 7 hens, all about a year & a half old. They are robust, healthy, and sociable ladies. The prev owner was clueless about chicken tending & bought them all from TSC along with their coop. (When I asked about the breeds he told me 2 gray and 5 red LOL... there were 4 distinct breeds in his flock) One of his EE hens he said liked to lay in the nest most of the time. Well, at home with me now, and she’s broody AF! I messaged him to see how long she’d been that way & he finally responded & said she’s been that way for a month to a month & a half! I’d suspected that bc of how much lighter & scraggly she is than the other EE girls. I think I may be winning an auction of hatching eggs (from a respected local breeder that I’ve been following). I’ll know by this afternoon!!

Do you think after so long brooding it would be unwise for her health to put a few of the hatching eggs under her to see how she does? (There are plenty to test out a few with her) I’m fine with just getting a bunny cage to break her if the consensus thinks it would be better for her. She is so obsessed & it’s been so long, I fear it may have become part of her identity at this point!
I am curious though to know what kind of a setter/mother she might be if she’s going to be broody consistently though... I just don’t want to compromise her health if it’s too late in her broody game to add eggs to her only just now! Any feedback is much appreciated!!
I think I may be winning an auction of hatching eggs (from a respected local breeder that I’ve been following). I’ll know by this afternoon!!
Lol, this is a feeling I am all to familiar with right now. I just won an auction last night. First out of about 5 attempts.

Im not sure about your question, but it's one I often think about too. I'll be following along to learn with you.
Ok, I will. Thank you so much for the advice!! I think I’ll just put them in with the whole flock to see if they can coexist. There’s only one hen out of the 6 flockmates (a BLRW) that gives her any pecks and runaround. The rest just get in the nest box with her and lay while she’s still in it! There is actually one other layer (a BR) that makes her leave the nest when she wants to lay in it. I’ll have backup options in case the broody or the flockmates don’t cooperate. Should I try to have her set on the chicks in one of the other nest boxes that don’t get laid in much at all? They all lay in the box the broody is always in.
Haha, I opened the nest box door bc I figured she’d be in there. And she had a nest mate situating herself to lay with her in there!

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