Should I allow DD to take chicken to 4H party?


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My daughter just joined 4H. They only meet once a month and the second meeting of the year will be the day before Halloween. So.. they decided to hold the meeting at one of the member's homes and make it a Halloween party. They want the kids to come in costume and bring their animals... in costume. (UGH.. I don't like Halloween to begin with). I am worried about the biosecurity of taking one of my pullets to someone else's house where animals will be coming from 10-15 other homes. I know that when we come around to fair time, the chicken will be in a exposed to a bunch of other animals and people... just wondering if it is wise to do it at this time, however. My babies will be 10 weeks at the time of the meeting/party. I WAS planning on taking one of the chx to the November 4H meeting because they are going to talk about showmanship and it will be my daughter's first time to learn how to handle and show her bird.

Also.. what is the best way to transport one chicken?
I like to use cat carriers to transporting single birds, you can use a plastic cup, secured to the crate door via zip tie through a small hole near the lip of the cup for water, and the only way they can flip shavings all over your car is through the front (rather than pooing everywhere). That being said, 10 weeks is a little young to be taking your birds anywhere, as they haven't had time to build up all their immunities yet...not to say I haven't done close to the same thing with no ill effects, but I'm not going to tell you everything will be fine, and have your birds end up sick...if she brings something home, you could lose ALL of your birds, not just the one pullet...
Personally, I don't think its a good idea to bring an animal to a party anyways, biosecurity aside. How old is your daughter? In my mind, I'm picturing my 5 year old girl with one of our hens left sitting alone in a pet-taxi all evening while she has fun
Biosecurity-wise, I'd go with it. Your hen will be exposed to other animals at the fair as well...
I'd use a pet carrier to transport one chicken. I would suggest a towel in the bottom of it so she can keep her footing and soak up any little accidents.

I was in 4-H when I was a kid and took my chicken Puff n Stuff to a 4-H meeting, she was a vocal "mutt" hen that had a very sweet little personality to do a presentation on chicken care. Of course I had never heard of chicken biosecurity then. Do you think there will be any other chickens there? I would suggest that if you take her just be prepared to keep her in quarantine a while if she is exposed to any other birds. I honestly think that wild birds are the biggest biosecurity risk to a flock and I can't keep those little boogers out of my chicken pens

I do agree with pookiegoldman, I'm thinking once the party starts the hen is going in the pet-taxi.
dont let your daughter miss out on some animal fun because of your fears, u might have to quarantene when u get back, but its a good experience, i was a 4-H kid, and got so much more out of life with animals than alot of kids. I drug, chickens, goats,rabbits,etc to school every year for some type of thing or another with 4-H.
Thanks for your input. My daughter is 8 and yes, once the party starts, the chicken will be left in the carrier. Now, I know that at the fair next summer, the chickens are exposed to other birds and people and left in a cage for two or three days...

I am thinking we will just leave birdies at home for this October meeting. November will be better.. the chickens will be bigger, there will be less "excitement" and fewer other animals.

How long should I quarantine? Not even sure how I would do that. I only have six chickens and they are in a small coop (Little Tikes converted house) in a 12 x 12 run. My brooder is soon going to be re-filled with babies i'm surrogate brooding for a co-worker, so I cant use that. I could section off a corner of the run with some leftover hardware cloth, but where would I put her at night? Would I need to quarantine if there are no other birds or just if there are no other chickens? I know a couple of the kids in the group have ducks they may bring.

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