Should I allow my six week olds into the nesting box? (pics)

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    My girls (3 BR and 3 RIR) have been in their coop for over two weeks and are doing great. Today I was cleaning their coop and found some poop in their nesting boxes. I know they are not sleeping in them because they have been sleeping on their roost for almost the whole time they've been in the coop; they started roosting after a few days. Anyway, we were gone for a couploe days and when my sister came by to let them out of the coop she saw one or two of them in the nesting boxes. Should I allow them to go into the nesting boxes right now or should I wait until they are closer to egg laying maturity?

    Below are pics of the nesting box and my girls.



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    I let my pullets explore the nest boxes from the start. The closer they got to point of lay the more they fussed with the boxes. Their roost is higher than the boxes. That might make it more preferable for roosting at night. Hope this helps.
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    As long as they aren't sleeping in them at night, I wouldn't worry too much.

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