Should I be blocking the chickens from thier nesting boxes at night so they sleep on the roosting ba


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Jul 21, 2013
In hindsight we would have put the roosting bars above the nests but this was our first coop. I'm thinking that clean up would be easier if they were sleeping on the bars.... I'm just not sure if there is a real reason to do this. (keep them out of the boxes at night) Will they only lay in the boxes? We have yet to get an egg but are impatiently waiting. : )
You are right, they are roosting in the boxes because the perches are lower.

The reason to stop them from sleeping in the boxes is poop. They poop at night, and the poop is in the nest box, and then they lay the egg and roll it around in the poo. Its' about as appetizing as it sounds. So, unless you want to clean your nest boxes every single morning, I'd kick them out and raise your roosts.
At this point it is impossible for us to raise the roosting bars unless we do a complete overhaul of the coop..... I'll block the nests for a few nights and see if they take to it. ; )

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