Should I be changing my chickens' feed for when they are moulting or just not laying in general during winter?


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So throughout the year do you have them on 60/40 grower to layer, even during spring and summer? Do you give them oyster shell?
Yes I have oyster shell on the side. The only time I don't feed a mix of grower & layer is when I have chicks. At that time I switch to all flock crumble & starter, then all flock crumble & grower until the chicks begin laying. I opt to not use the all flock year-round because I prefer pellets and cannot find an organic non-layer pellet that my birds will eat.

As you might notice, this is a lot more feed micromanagement than most folks would want or need to do, but my aim was to reduce the calcium (because not all my birds lay a lot or lay regularly, while some that lay regularly don't want to eat oyster shell) while also increasing protein above the minimal 16% that most layer feeds offer. So by using 2 feeds and varying the amount of each one that I feed, I can reduce/raise calcium and protein numbers as needed.

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