Should I be concerned?


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Jul 19, 2021
My chicken is 2 years old and recently she's been having some really weird watery poop and won't eat her food. She's still running around like normal and is drinking plenty of water. She eats whatever plants are in my backyard and bugs she can find but that's all I've seen her eat. Is it possible that she has worms or something like that? Or she just doesn't like her feed?

What is her feed? does she eat a lot of vegetation and is it hot there?
I'm not sure what brand of her food it is I got it at my local feed store. I would get her crumble but they were out of that so I got her the pellets. She didn't like that one so when they stocked up on crumble I went to get that but now she's not eating it. She eats whatever she wants from my garden so it's a lot of green stuff. As far as the weather it fluctuates a lot. I live in Portland OR so some days it's cool and warm and others it's in the 90s.

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