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Should I be concerned?

Discussion in 'Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures' started by goodb, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. goodb

    goodb Songster

    I went out this a.m. to make my morning rounds and observed a young (almost 20 week-old) B.O. pullet lying lethargically on the coop floor. Other than that, she seemed ok, the others weren't bothering her but my concern level shot up. I calmly picked her up and brought her inside. Suspecting egg-bound due to her lethargy I inspected best I could and felt nothing. I put her in the crate in the interior bathroom, dark, with door closed with food and water with a small amount of raw honey and let her rest. She just laid there. After an hour I went to check and she was laying on her food, awake but I felt it impossible for to eat that way so I moved her back. To my surprise, there was an egg under her. Rubbery but still an egg. I removed it, let her be and just checked and was met with more energy and another egg. The second has more hardness to it but I would call it far from normal. She seems to be awake and aware. She talks to me and is moving around a little more. I have observed her drinking. Do you suppose she'll be fine? How long should I keep her from the flock? I leave for school soon and she's still in the crate with the door closed and now the light is on. Looking forward to your thoughts.

    Thank you

  2. cafarmgirl

    cafarmgirl Crowing

    Two eggs huh? Could be since the first one was soft shelled or shell-less that it was plugging up the works. Those soft eggs are harder for the hens to pass, so she could have been egg bound with it. Good that they both passed. If she is up and around and seems alert I'd probably put her back in the coop. If she still seems off or lethargic you could leave her in the crate for the day and see how she looks when you get back. That will also tell you how much she is eating and pooping.
  3. goodb

    goodb Songster

    Thank you for the quick reply. When I got back I noticed she had been up as she left a "gift" on the floor. She was standing in the crate, had eaten all of the food I left her (wasn't very much) and talking to me. I gave her more food that she happily ate, she drank some more so I put her back out with her friends. It was dark when I got her out there so I'll be looking for her tomorrow. Thank you for your quick reply.

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