Should I Be Concerned??


6 Years
Jul 14, 2013
So I went out to Le Peep, my coop, and found this egg under one of my chickens. The egg was from one of my birds, Cheekie. Earlier this month she laid an egg with no shell, and what looked like a deformed shell was beside it. So should I be worried about her? She also is looking like she lost a lot of fluff lately and maybe even a little bit of weight... by the way, her normal egg size is 70 to 75 grams. She is an auracana hen. Here's the pics of both.


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5 Years
Apr 7, 2014
I can't wait to hear the answer! Yesterday my favorite hen perhaps was spooked when the wind blew the coop roof off. She was in the nest w the other three hens eggs. I took her and the eggs out. She walked back into the nest and stayed there. Morning came with two yolks no shells at all. Like someone cracked two eggs into the nest and tossed the shells. I helped her pass what was two soft shell pieces that she was trying to lay without success but the others grabbed it super fast before I could check it out much. Gone. Looks like she passed a bit more egg yolk/white in the nest today and I examined her vent which looks healthy light pink and fine. She seems to have lots of egg stuck in her rear feathers now but is eating again and in the roost now. Wondering if this is normal and if I should give her a bath to clean up her feathers. They are not blocking her vent or anything but no idea how else she would clean that up. I hope your girl is doing well. I'm hoping this is just a normal reaction to being a new layer or from a bit of stress. Julie

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