should i be getting more eggs from these breeds

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    Jul 3, 2008
    i have 7 rhode island reds that started laying in april. and 2 black sex links. all hatchery stock. the reds are 11 months old, and the sexlinks are 14 months old im getting around 25 eggs a week from these 9 hens. thought my numbers would be better i guess there laying about 3 times a week some days i get 2 from these 9 some days 3 some days 5 but never full capacity. any thoughts.
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    Those breeds should be laying every day in peak laying season...but we aren't IN peak laying season. There comes a natural slow down at this time of the year, hormonal changes and daylight hours play a big part. It's a good idea to increase protein and calcium during this time of the year to keep them at top nutritional status and just bide your time until laying picks up again.

    Also check that rats are not stealing eggs...this is the time of year they really ramp up their foraging for foods and they could be making off with some of your numbers.
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    I think you should be getting more, I have 3 RIR that lay 18 eggs a week ave, 6.2/week per bird for as long as we have been tracking.
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    Are they molting? All of my birds are either in the middle or towards the end of their molts and I haven't gotten eggs from some of them in months. [​IMG]

    Other than that--try putting a bright light on a timer in their coop to extend their "daylight" hours. That might help a little bit. I let my birds cycle down and focus on survival during the winter...and yes, I buy eggs at the store with 65+ hens in the coop. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I've never provided lighting and also never bought eggs from the store...and that's with a flock of only 25-30 hens. I'm usually selling eggs all winter long.

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