Should I be so worried? :(


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Apr 19, 2014
My babies are just over 2weeks old. One of my little ones stopped eating and I have been trying desperately to nurse her back to health with vitamins, hand feeding and antibiotics (since Thursday night). I am not happy about using the antibiotics but I didn't know what else to do I'm pretty sure I'm going to lose her despite my efforts. The hand feeding isn't going well :(. I have been giving her sips of vitamins and electrolytes and then antibiotic multiple times a day...

I have been watching my others (who are separated from the sick one) for signs of illness. A few of them have been scratching their beaks and rubbing them on the ground. And I think I've heard them sneeze. I have their water mixed with Duramycin just to hopefully stop anything they may have caught and I have probiotics ready for when I take them off of it in 7 days... I would really like to know what has my poor sick little chickie down and worry about what I can do to insure my others are all safe and healthy.... I'm a new chick momma so if some of you with more experience can help calm my worries and give any advice I would very much appreciate it!

More info: they are in a room in the lower part of my green house (in my house) there temperature is regulated and they are in a plastic bottom white wire cage with pine bedding. I have been giving them medicated crumbles, chick grit, meal worms for treats and a chick block periodically. Their bottoms are all clean and they appear to be healthy other than the scratching and sneezing... I change their bedding every other day and keep it dry.
My sick girl stopped being energetic, stopped eating, started breathing heavy, crackling in nose, sneezing, droopy tail, droopy head, can not stand, and I can wake her up but she slowly droops back asleep... Poor baby :(. No signs of runny nose just weak and no energy. Her poo was pretty green with a little white. And now it is runny and just greenish not bright green but still doesn't seem right....(I've seen the poo chart which hers didn't seem to be on there)

Anyway please respond and thank you all <3 Here are my babies:






Yes you should be concerned about sneezing among chicks
but the best thing is to be keeping them out of drafts and away
from smoke as these are leading causes ....

Do you see how this brooder is set up ....

Now you should put Probiotic & Electrolyte in the water ...

Also a hard boiled egg shell removed and the egg mashed up
then served 1 egg per 1 to 10 chicks twice a day for a week ..

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Thanks for your response. She is still alive, I thought she was going to be a goner for sure on Saturday... She wasn't even standing! Now she is standing and chirping her head off unless I hold her. She is eating some... Ate well yesterday and a little today. I have soaked crumbles in electrolyte water to make it softer. She is on antibiotic but I plan to switch to probiotic as soon as the 7 days are up on the dosage. I will boil some eggs in the morning and give it a try also. The others are now twice her size... Still a little sneezing here and there but everyone appears healthy. When can I reintroduce her? I am afraid she will be socially awkward now that she's been away. I'm worried if she makes it now she will be picked on. If she pulls through with a successful recovery, I think I will have a very sweet pet chicken... :) thank you!

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