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Mar 17, 2009
My 2 week old Buff ate 2 moths that flew into the brooder. One was by accident, and then my lovely husband wanted to see it, so he put another one in. She seems to be fine, I know this will happen when they are outside in a few weeks, but are they too young to handle that kind of food now?
Make sure they have access to chick grit. It's fun to watch. Better than TV. In a couple of weeks try throwing a few crickets in there.
Some plain spaghetti is always a hoot too
Are they too young at 2 weeks for a string of spaghetti? I am gathering from my research that it isn 't a risk to young chicks to feed them healthy treats, you just don't want them to eat too much that they don't eat their medicated feed. Is that right? I also tried a couple of pieces of popped plain popcorn and they LOVED it.
Plain spaghetti IS a hoot! I threw some to our chix recently and one girl got it entangled around her foot. Amusing to see her running backwards in a circle trying to bite it off whilst the others just helped themselves whilst she struggled tee-hee!

We have 2 x week old chicks and it's amazing how they've grown up in one little week. They jump on mum's back for a ride, jump up and take food from her beak then wander off outside the perimeter of the run scratching at the ground (something else they've picked up quickly) whilst mum goes frantic till they decide to wander back in.

But seriously, is it safe for them to be near the adult girls? Today they got near them by mistake and the adults were afraid and huddled in a corner!

Mum is sooooooo good to them, teaching them how to scratch and breaking food into tiny pieces for them, so lovely!

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