should i bring an injured chicken indoors


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Nov 10, 2015
one of my hens has hurt her leg or foot while free ranging in the yard. There is nothing visible (no bumble foot) but doesn't like me messing with it. I currently have her resting in the small coop I raise chicks in and use as my sick bay but it is in the 20s here and I'm worried she is too cold. two options, I can leave her there and add a heat bulb or bring her in the house in a small dog crate. will I stress her out more if I bring her in?

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Aug 16, 2014
She should be ok with either. If you want keep an eye on her more then I would bring her in the house. I usually keep any sick or injured birds in the house then they go out to a small coop. I have one that would love to stay in the house on a permanent basis!! As long as you are able to keep her reasonably confined to rest the injured leg she has a better chance of recovery. I've not found that bringing them in cause any more stress to them.
Good luck with her, I hope she heals soon.

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