Should I buy eggs or wait it out?

Buy eggs. My hens did not start laying until after 20 weeks.:/

I get good eggs now! We've run out frequently, so I bought 3 more chicks this year for those extra eggs. We had to buy from the store not too long ago and we have 7 layers for the 5 of us. We love fresh eggs! I rarely pass them out, only in emergencies.
Sounds like you are really close!
Keep us posted!
Go buy one more dozen. This will cause your birds to lay, on the same principle as getting in the shower if you want the phone to ring.
This is true. For the last 2 weeks my hen Frightful was not laying consistantly and Crackers was still too young. So this last pay day i went out and bought 18 eggs. Well wouldnt you know it, Frightful immediately started laying big brown perfect eggs and Crackers started laying! Now I ahve 4 home eggs and 18 store eggs......we go through 18 eggs in about 3 weeks lol. Guess I can give them to my mother in law lol.

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