should I cull or not


6 Years
Apr 17, 2013
One of my pullets got out of the coop and I couldn't find it in the dark so the next morning I went around the property looking and well I found it and it was on the ground with a peice of wire sticking out of the bottom of its neck and I took the wire out cleaned the wound and but on blue kote and but it in the speration pen with feed and water with eletryotes the wound is a small hole and it was a clean puncture but I can tell right now if its in pain because its so hot none of the chickens are doing much so what should I do wait it out or culled it
if it is a small clean wound you should keep doing what you are doing and she should come around
Chickens have an amazing ability to recover from wounds. Give her a chance, if she goes downhill over time you may need to be humane and cull her, but not yet.

I hope she makes a full recovery.
All right I well keep doing what am doing and all wait a week or so before culling
That's what I like about byc it's a way for all us producers to talk and give options because I wasn't sure what to do because this Is the first time I hade had a chicken get out and eat metal to top it off the pullet is just luckily I had the day off
The hen made a full recovery just in case any one was wondering what happened
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