should i cull????


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Ok so here is the score.....................2 delaware pullets that are a year old. They came down with respitory issues and it just won't leave. I have tried everything! They sound horrible.

Then i get a splash and 2 blue marans and now they have bubbling eyes............. they were never in the same pen as the pullets. I have them in their own cage but after dealing with these delawares i wonder if i should cull them as well. I am super bummed about this but i do not want to infect my flock with this.
I was in the same predicament and was about to cull, when someone suggested Tylan-50.

I gave the sick birds one dose (in their drinking water) and after six weeks of bronchitis they were completely healed in less than 24 hours and have never been sick again.

Please give it a try!!
I had same problem a little while back. I gave them ONE round of Tylan-50 - in the water - to fix themselves, and then it was off to the big coop in the sky. 1/3 of the birds didn't make it, 2/3 did. That's good enough for me, I say give them one chance. A week. It's always worth a shot. I never cull until they've had one chance. But it is ONLY one chance.
done it all! Shots of tylan, Tylan for water, terricyclin(spl check), this medicated feed(not fore cocci) you mix it with feed 1/15 ratio...............This has been months and they are not getting better.Delawares are not getting better!!! They look horrible and at this point it seems cruel................

now for the marans i just got them about a month ago.......I have them on the feed and terricyclin. They are really small and don't want to use shots yet. I also Vetrx on beak, throat and under wings............

the thing is the birds will not be sick anymore but probally carriers.....thats my problem!
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that doesn't sound good... I say for the sake of your flock... they should go
yeah............i think i answered my own question. DANG, they are delaware is a splash! This STINKS

And the marans were expensive.....URGH!
If you do any selling/trading of birds..then yes, i'd cull asap...

If you just keep the birds for yourself and dont sell any to people.... then i'd keep them.
Good luck!

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